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Linda Liem

My life, fragmented

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I have been very busy with projects lately, but now I finished up the last project and wanted to use some time to plan my blogging journey. But just thinking about it had me kind of frozen in place for the last 2 weeks. I want to start blogging again, but get stuck thinking about the hurdles.

My main problem is language. I grew up in the Netherlands, live in Norway and blog internationally, which means 3 languages to reach all my audiences. This mainly affects my plans for a recipe blog, because I'd like to share my kitchen adventures and favorite recipes with my friends and family who live all over the world.

I did create a food blog called Enak Sekali on our private domain, but then started to change my mind about whether every post should contain a recipe, as a proper recipe blog, or if I could also write about kitchen disasters. Now I kind of amalgamated these thoughts in the design of my blog with an extra page for experiments. 

As a freelance science educator I also need a place to blog about my science actvities, show the world what I'm doing and get YOU interestested in my work. As main audiences er Norwegian and English, this should be a bilingual blog. I already have my updated my website,, to be able to write a mutlilingual blog, but I should get started. In addition, I have an account with a provider for education resources that caters both to the UK and the US. So, that's again two variations of English, as well as two different measurement systems.

I keep a private journal, in Dutch, and blog here on Tinkertown, my personal rambling blog, in (US) English. It pretty easy for me to switch between Dutch and English, but somewhat harder to switch to Norwegian, as there are actually 2 major forms of Norwegian and I've only learned the languages (both forms) about 9 years ago. 

Having to make choices what to do and not to do and who to cater for is enough to keep me awake at night and keep me putting off the actual writing process. But now it has been enough. I want to be out there, creating content and reaching out to others. So, I'll going to write in the language that feels most natutal for a certain text and worry about translations later.

NaBloPoMo at BlogHer sounds just like the kickstart I need. So, I've added this blog to the blogroll and hope to be able to welcome a few readers along my journey.

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