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Linda Liem

Welcome to Tinkertown

2 min read

End of summer and new digital start for me. After several more or less successful attempts to blog and share, I'd like to start again. While sharing is not a problem, I do need a place to chronicle my adventures in Tinkertown.

Although people usually think that I'm a Science Lady because I know a lot (apparently) and I'm good at explaining things, I'm actually a compulsive tinkerer. You see, I have this need to find out how things work and what I can change to make it work (better) for me. So, I like to use my spare time to experiment, tinker and tweak, make lots of mistakes and sometimes spectacular failures and learn from them to improve myself. This is, by far, the most enjoyable way to learn new things and develop new skills for me. It even makes me some money through BlueDot, which is all about educational tinkering.

Here in Tinkertown, I'd like to share my adventures with you, whether they're about science projects I'm working on, home improvement activities, new gadgets or consolidating twenty different recipes for the same dish. Although I'm writing mainly for myself, I welcome you, my reader, with open arms. May Tinkertown become one of your preferred destinations!